"KALO/Dear John: In which we find a white girl wit the blues taking it to the next level of the game proving that some times you just have to sit back and enjoy the back story. An Israeli lass who has finished her military stint picks up where she left off with a Jimi Hendrix cassette sending her and her electric guitar off into some zone where west side Chicago resurfaced on Mars. Multicultiured to the max, Kalo sounds more like a passed off riot grrrl than a white girl with the blues but maybe there's a crossover where it all comes together. A cutting edge piece of the nu genre. ​"

- Midwest Record

"What the two (KALO and McKinney) have managed here is quite simply a blues delicacy. The 14 tracks show their own interpretation of the genre and the guitar playing of the Israeli is ... enormously expressive - no matter how strong it fits into strings. Her voice seems to be made for it. The songwriting is outstanding. It is always in the direction of blues, but without sticking permanently to the 12-bar scheme.
The stylistic influences are varied, but the album is still not fragmented and does not fall apart. The conceptual arc is understandable. In addition to guitar and bass, there is the genre-typical instruments: Hammond, Drums, Harp. Where necessary, it will, for example, extended to fiddle or banjo.
KALO is currently working on a third album ...we would in the meantime indicate "Dear John" makes big appetite for more.."

- Weltmusik-Magazin/Global Music (Germany)

"KALO describes their music as “pure, heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll with just a tease of blues and roots.” I would agree with all of that, and I would add their music is in fact very good as well ... brimming with professionalism while managing to retain its authenticity. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Bat-Or Kalo sings with passion and plays with precision. I found the guitar work to be especially impressive ...  This is just an all around professional outfit, and it shows in their music. Wild Change is a top of the line release."
KALO’s “Wild Change” delves into a fiery passionate kind of blues. Everything feels physical, as if the singer is narrating the pain of their life in exquisite detail. Vocals truly command attention, for the forceful and effective lyricism adds to the potency of the piece. The band truly listens to her voice, nicely punctuating the sound with a perfect level of muscle and power. When taken together, the entire song is infinitely catchy, allowing for it to sound akin to some long-lost classic rock track. Keeping things timeless feels appropriate for KALO aims for a timeless sound and succeeds with such ease ...“Wild Change” shows KALO flirting with the concept of becoming fully unhinged but never quite completely losing control."
Beach Sloth 
"Wild Change immediately hits the right spots with a primal stomp and some blues-laced guitar riffs that echo the likes of Howlin’ Wolf or Muddy Waters…on steroids!"
The Band Camp Diaries 
"It has that essence of the modern day acts with the classic acts of yesterday. If you're into your rock n' roll with blues rock then KALO is the one for you. "Wild Change", may be that change of pace, they needed to get ahead of themselves, but it works well for them. Allowing them to expand ever so further into the next trail of their musical careers."

Copyright KALO. All rights reserved. Something Blue Records. 

"That undeniable love for the rock sound and the art of expression in itself is clear and consistent throughout Wild Change. The leading vocal has both the grit and gravel of a limitless rock voice, as well as the softness required to add that essential human touch that makes the whole thing appear as something new and real and addictive. It’s a great sound in every way, and a great song – well written, structured with a little of the classic blues build but also a slightly more modern twist to really give those hook sections the best possible impact ... the whole thing has been beautifully produced to give off that live performance feel but without the tinniness of a one take surrender. It sounds fantastic, a strong choice for turning up the volume and throwing yourself into the weekend.
Stereo Stickman 



"I just received the most recent release, Dear John, from Kalo and it's quite interesting. Opening with title track, Dear John, Israeli born, Bat-Or Kalo leads this blues rock power band with solid driving guitar riffs and her own vocals."

- Bmans Blues Report​

Bat-Or Kalo is a strong musical personality from Israel, a talented singer and guitarist (now active in the United States), who chose the blues as a means of expression, and judging from this test is absolutely on the right track ... For completeness, we say that musically, and also to the type of arrangements, the content of this album is perhaps more p a kind of "bluesy-pop" than it is pure blues, although some guitar riffs and overall atmosphere make it still very interesting for the blues purist ... By sampling, we were impressed with "Treat Me Bad," "March to The Light" (very upbeat with a nice grip) and  "Marie," a beautiful ballad with piano by Jon Knudson to hold the game. "Oh Father ", a kind of boogie with harmonica player Todd Clark in the foreground. Even "Looking For Me", with a nice mix of slide guitar, banjo and violin and a skillful balance of dynamics."Once I Had A Heart," with an interesting guitar unison and voice over distorted bass from Mack McKinney, and finally the powerful cover of "Like it Or Not", a song written in more hands, including those of Madonna, who made it a success a decade ago."

- IL Blues (Italy) 

"Kalo is a powerful young player brimming with chops and the attitude to succeed.  As a bonus, growing up in Israel and then studying the blues literally down at the Crossroads gives her a unique perspective on just exactly what happened when that ol’ deal went down."

- Don and Sherry's Blues Blog

"Kalo cannot be blamed if anyone does not truly understand her methods and motivations on Dear John, her recent release, offering full disclosure on album track, “Like It or Not”. The words are not hers as Kalo steps to the microphone with a version of the Madonna tune, re-inventing the track with spit and snarl. The tune is the only cover on Dear John, with Kalo voicing her own songs with the same Soul and Blues heart as she backs whispers and shouts with her guitar riffs. Bat-On Kalo is an Israeli-born musician who found her calling in a Jimi Hendrix tape and a gifted electric guitar. After serving two years with Israeli Defense Forces, Kalo enrolled in OKC University to further her guitar studies in 2004.  Dear John addresses its message to the world as Kalo follows military stylized percussion and harmonies into “March into the Light”. Delta Blues slides ride the patter of rhythm as “Looking for Me” heads for a highway exit while slow burning Blues sears the pain into “Treat Me Bad” and gently cradles its partner for a dance with “Goodbye”. Kalo immersed herself in Mississippi music when she traveled to the Magnolia State to create Dear John with the sounds of Dixie and the Delta, Kalo gets her audio diploma from the results of Dear John with the real pain of “Heartbreak”, the shuffled questioning prayers of “Oh Father”, and the quiet midnight confession of “Can’t Sleep at Night”."

- Alternate Root ​

"KALO is the essence of sensuality and soul ... The moment KALO steps on stage, cellphones are abandoned, conversations stop ... and people drink in the music ... [KALO] is a superstar." 

​- Axs.com

"KALO is a power trio built on strong melodies and rhythms with passionate vocals. Their sound is rock ‘n’ roll with a strong dose of blues and a hint of Americana, R&B and roots. They have honed their sound to perfection with the time-tested method of continued touring and performing shows headlining festivals and earning a name and a following through sweat, determination and electrified stage shows. Wild Change, KALO’s latest studio album is a joyful boisterous, bluesy, gritty rockin’ sound of flavorful tunes. ... Wild Change is passionate, creative, and supremely exciting in a rock, blues, Americana kind of a way. A helluva noise is created! KALO has a complete album experience, you’ll hear that something is very right here."
​- Elmore Magazine

"It´s wonderful to hear that organic rock is still being made, you know that kind that you´d love to hear in a small club late at night. The power trio Kalo won´t stand or fall if they don´t get a smash hit on radio, no this band makes album music that demands more time from the listener than just a 3 minute stream on Spotify. Play the album in it´s entirety and you will get the full experience of a real band playing soulful blues rock. Wild Change is the 3rd album from Kalo, a good album without doubt where the highlights are the funk rocker "Bad girl", the heavy delta blues of "Isabel" and the Jimi Hendrix smelling "Wild change". For fans of Beth Hart, Anna Rose, Eilidh McKellar"  

- Melodic.net

"This album is classy and classic. The sound is built on blues and rock and Americana. The female vocals are passionate and potent. All in all this is a solid set with some stellar moments."

Music Street Journal
"KALO returns with a three-piece on her latest release, Wild Change, her guitar work backed by Mack McKinney (bass) and Mike Alexander (drums). With a count of “One Mississippi”, Wild Change kicks off, pounding out a beat on hard rhythms and guitar crunch for “Free” as KALO stomps out a song for “Isabel”, staggers the pace to strut out “Bad Girl”, and slows the groove to let the Blues heat up “Only Love”. KALO sends out a message on echoey acoustics for “Calling All Dreamers”, adds horns for a funky romp in “Pay to Play” and shakes out percussion for “Fix” as Wild Change shudders and shimmies to turn the rhythms on “Upside Down”."

The Alternate Root
​"In the end, KALO accomplishes what only a few talented bands can do, especially -and surprisingly- within such a demanding wild, loud and emotional-filled genre as it is Blues and Rock where we find more and more acts that laid back so much that it becomes tedious and boring. Wild Change is definitely a must listen album for all the fans of both classic and modern rock."

- Vents Magazine
"Bat-Or Kalo (guitars/vocals), Mack McKinney (bass) and Mike Alexander (drums/percussion) are KALO. They recently released Wild Change which is an eleven song album. I’ll say upfront this band isn’t doing anything that hasn’t been attempted countless times before. On that note when you have this type of delivery it doesn't matter. The band is viscerally satisfying. They know how to rock hard when they attempt it and I thought Bat-Or Kalo has a voice that was tailor made for rock."
- Divide and Conquer 

"The album contains fourteen numbers which range from the Hill Country influenced title number which is a plea not to be left alone, especially at night, it delightfully incorporates strangled and distorted vocals combined with a strident, tramping and chopping echoing rockabilly fuzz guitar that creates a powerful atmosphere of desperation and fear. A defiant “March To The Light”, uses a charged mixture of prison farm chanting and field holler vocals as the stomping percussion is joined by a shivering tambourine alongside the stoic picking of a crisp and clear dobro leading the way. Another crisply ringing rocker is “Oh Father”, where a poor wretch is wailing and confessing their sins to the accompaniment of a searing and surging guitar and a steaming train like urging harmonica. “Down, Down, Down”, is a rocking little shuffle that has at its core a very engaging and pleasantly tight jazz-rich resurging guitar break that wonderfully goes on and on like any good thrill should. Another Hill Country flavoured number is the stomping “Looking For Me”, the heavenly mixture of banjo twanging and manic fiddling combine splendidly with the sweetly wailing vocals that urgently invite your toes to tap. The almost dirge like echoing vocals and fuzz guitar of “Once I had a Heart “, lead you into a viscous dirty surging mixture of organ and guitar that tries to rise to the heavens. One of the numbers that possess a welcoming, tender and tranquil ambience is “Goodbye”, where a gently surgin’, twangin’ guitar fuses with a vocal that is more akin to the open prairie entreaties of K.D. Lang. This is a welcome and refreshing approach to the world of blues."
Greatly endorsed!
Brian Harman, Bits Blues in the South (UK)

"‘Wild Change’ has a steady tempo throughout, as the instrumental mixes some stimulating guitar play with heavy-hitting drumming; as a result, you get this stormy tone that fits the fiery approach Bat-Or-Kalo takes on her contributions Bat-Or Kalo is phenomenal on this song, as she takes great advantage of the stormy vibe of the song. As a listener, you will love her presence, as she effectively puts a strangle hold on the beat by delivering these shrewd, vivid, and soul-wrenching lyrics. Overall, I really like her charisma on the song, and believe in her star power as a lead vocalist. For anyone that loves nostalgic Rock-N-Roll, this song is for you!"
- The Ratings Game

​"The best music sends you somewhere else, be it to a distant memory or another world. It colors your mood to fit the tune, the lyrics, or the general vibe the artist was going for. This is true for the band KALO, who is out with the new single, “Wild Change.” Rock ‘n’ roll with a taste of blues, this song has the powerhouse riffs fans have come to expect from the Oklahoma band. KALO is made up of Bat-Or Kalo (lead vocals, guitar), Mack McKinney (bass, backup vocals), and Mike Alexander (drums). They’re known for their soulful rock and Kalo’s gravelly voice. “Wild Change” has a smooth, sexy sound with a rhythm that sucks you in. Alexander provides a steady beat for Kalo and McKinney to work their magic, and magic it is. I couldn’t sit still while listening. You can feel the heart and soul in the music. It grabs you and refuses to let go (not that you’d want to). There’s a truth, pure and simple, to the band’s sound that leaves you wanting more. That makes the 3:17 track feel far too short. Their sound brings to mind a few songs from Gin Wigmore’s album “Gravel & Wine”- especially “Black Sheep” and “Kill of the Night”. Wigmore, like Kalo, isn’t originally from the US, but both found the distinct sound of the South enticing enough to make it their own. The band has been compared to the White Stripes before, and not without good reason. Personally, I feel they’re closer to superband, The Dead Weather, with the almost southern gothic approach to their sound."
Skope Magazine

"Right from the first bar you can picture them in some Southern roadhouse or dive bar firing off salvos of raw, bluesy, roots rock…groovesome r’n’b meets old-school rock and roll. A timeless rock sound that never goes out of fashion because it was never in fashion, just constant, ever present and undiminished. It is sassy, sexy and soulful and like all great trio’s gets its power from three musicians all contributing equally, nothing is wasted, nothing over played and everyone gets to play a role ...It is a sound that we are familiar with for sure, but it is a sound which is normally described in reviews containing words such as classic, iconic and seminal; swaggering rock and roll, bar-band attitude and raw grooves, and wholly unapologetic about it ...There is a famous quote that those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. But I would add that those who do remember the past are free to take its finest moments, hone and refine them and use them to build bridges into the future. Kalo do just that."
Dancing About Architecture

"Distorted guitars, catchy riffage, hard hitting drums and the rough but sexy persona of Israeli born lead female Bat-Or Kalo collide in this tasty, jammin’, roots rock single."
Middle Tennessee Music 
"Hard hitting Rock ‘n’ Roll is back with the help of KALO! The Israeli native studied in music, then made the move to New York where she perfected her craft as a performer. After releasing a couple albums and touring across the states, providing electrifying shows...Combining rock, blues and roots genres, this female fronted band delivers a sound that is totally unique and exhilarating. With so much over produced music these days, it’s always refreshing to have a band just pick up their instruments, play with heart and put out some amazing new music for us to rock out to. The guitar riffs are infectious and the vocals have soul, building a sound that will punch you in the face forcing you to throw up the rock fist."


"Israeli frontwoman and guitarist KALO is pure force and proof that big things come in small packages. The spritely, often beautifully gender-bending woman has lived in Oklahoma less than three (and in the United States about five) years, and her trio – made up of veteran drummer Mike Alexander and versatile bassist Mack McKinney – never sounds like only three."

- Currentland Magazine, "Women Who Rock"

"In a lineup of straitlaced blues men, KALO is sure to stick out ... gender, accent and daring. KALO is part blues, part rock and jazz with a smattering of Americana – and Israeli eclecticism ... equal parts feminine and masculine, KALO can wail on a Jimi Hendrix riff and then sweetly weep on some of her quieter, more reflective tunes." 

- NWA Entertainment Magazine​

"Sitting back contemplating what l just heard, l realized l was smiling going through song after song that l had just heard. it certainly was a journey that few albums could take you on, but this is something to really savour. Bat-Or Kalo isn't just another "chick with a guitar and band." No, rather, here we have sheer talent and the ability to display those immense talents. Her voice is angelic one moment and a rock banshee the next. It never once loses that uncanny musicality she possesses. As a guitarist, Kalo can hold her own against the best music has to offer. I absolutely love her band who know how to accentuate the majesty of their leader in Bat-Or Kalo. An album of this quality does not come along all that often, as there is no place to hide within it and unless the performers are of the highest caliber, then l suggest you don't attempt to emulate this album. This one has certainly left its mark on my heart.”

​– Peter Merrett, PBS 106.7 Melbourne, Australia