We are proud to share with you products and services we use AND love. 


Moto Spirits

Small batch, rice-based whiskeys and specialty spirits discovered during motorcycle trips around the world. Handcrafted in America’s first rice whiskey distillery, adventurous spirits inspired by travel and made in Brooklyn, New York. You can hear KALO music on Moto Spirits commercials and both the spirits and KALO music are imbued with a wanderlust and traveling spirit that makes them great companions. 


Pietronix Audio

Pietronix are local artisans based in Oklahoma City. Their trade is to handcraft custom audio cables from scratch, with sustainable practices and components. Bat-Or Kalo uses Pietronix cables during every show. They always take a beating and stand up to the brutal nature of touring and intense stage shows. KALO shows exclusively feature Pietronix cables.

Drum Shop.jpg

The Drum Shop

As KALO drummer Michael Alexander knows, finding a drum shop isn't hard. Finding a great one is. With the personal service and quality merchandise at The Drum Shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Alexander is a frequent shopper. 

Tulsa’s drum community is steeped in history. It is the drum community as a whole The Drum Shop serves … from newbie to seasoned professionals, The Drum Shop provides knowledge, experience, suggestions and honesty. That's why KALO loves The Drum Shop.