"The best music sends you somewhere else, be it to a distant memory or another world. It colors your mood to fit the tune, the lyrics, or the general vibe the artist was going for. This is true for the band KALO ... You can feel the heart and soul in the music. It grabs you and refuses to let go (not that you’d want to). There’s a truth, pure and simple, to the band’s sound that leaves you wanting more. "

"In the end, KALO accomplishes what only a few talented bands can do, especially – and surprisingly – within such a demanding wild, loud and emotion-filled genre ... Wild Change is definitely a must-listen album for all the fans of both classic and modern rock."

"Distorted guitars, catchy riffage, hard hitting drums and the rough but sexy persona of Israeli born lead female Bat-Or Kalo collide in this tasty, jammin’, roots rock single."

"KALO is a power trio built on strong melodies and rhythms with passionate vocals. Their sound is rock ‘n’ roll with a strong dose of blues and a hint of Americana, R&B and roots. They have honed their sound to perfection with the time-tested method of continued touring and performing shows headlining festivals and earning a name and a following through sweat, determination and electrified stage shows. Wild Change, KALO’s latest studio album, is a joyful boisterous, bluesy, gritty rockin’ sound of flavorful tunes ... Wild Change is passionate, creative, and supremely exciting ... A helluva noise is created! KALO has a complete album experience, you’ll hear that something is very right here."

"Wild Change is Kalo's best and purest work, truly channeling the energy and skill of its players into a sensational collection of rock and roll numbers. Some hit all the sweet spots with groovy bass lines and feel-good/feel-bad guitar inflections. Others switch up the formula, though, as in the case of the delightful "One Mississippi", which includes hand claps to help it reach crossover single territory. Furthermore "Upside Down" and "Pay to Play" bring in a horn section to lend a classic funk/soul vibe, and "Free" could easily play to the modern country crowd with a bit less distortion and a bit more twang ...With electrifying performances and some of the band's best material to date, Wild Change is simply a great rock record and easily one of the best of the year."

"What the two (KALO and McKinney) have managed here is quite simply a blues delicacy. The 14 tracks show their own interpretation of the genre and the guitar playing of the Israeli is ... enormously expressive. Her voice seems to be made for it. The songwriting is outstanding. It is always in the direction of blues, but without sticking permanently to the 12-bar scheme ... KALO is currently working on a third album ...we would in the meantime indicate "Dear John" makes big appetite for more.."

"KALO/Dear John: In which we find a white girl wit the blues taking it to the next level of the game proving that some times you just have to sit back and enjoy the back story. An Israeli lass who has finished her military stint picks up where she left off with a Jimi Hendrix cassette sending her and her electric guitar off into some zone where west side Chicago resurfaced on Mars. Multicultiured to the max, Kalo sounds more like a passed off riot grrrl than a white girl with the blues but maybe there's a crossover where it all comes together. A cutting edge piece of the nu genre.